English Comprehension 01 (Easy)

Dear Student,

CGS Coaching is presenting a Practice Test for English Comprehension / English Passage which includes 4 questions.

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

     For the summer holidays, Meeta and her family decided to go to Shimla. Shimla is a cool place during the hot summer months and the heat in Delhi, where Meeta stays, becomes unbearable. Meeta’s father booked the train tickets to Kalka. From there they would go by taxi to Shimla, which is a four-hour drive away. They booked a room in Hotel Clearview, near the Mall, for three nights.

     From the hotel room window you could have a wonderful view of the snowy mountains close by. Meeta and her family enjoyed the short summer vacation in the cool weather.

Q1. In which hotel in Shimla did they stay?
(A) Hotel View Clear
(B) Hotel Bistro
(C) Hotel Clearview
(D) Hotel Pleasant View

Q2. How were they going to Kalka?
(A) By bus
(B) By train
(C) Walk
(D) By plane

Q3. Where did Meeta decide to go for summer holidays?
(A) To Shimla
(B) For a drive
(C) For a walk
(D) To a hotel

Q4. How would they reach Shimla from Kalka?
(A) Fly
(B) Go by taxi
(C) Go by train
(D) Go by bus

Answer Key : Q1 – (C), Q2 – (B) , Q3 – (A), Q4 – (B)

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