English Literature Practice Test 05

Dear Student,

CGS Coaching is presenting brand new Practice Test for English Literature which includes 10 questions from Literature section.

Q1. Which of the following is NOT the opening of the well-known Romantic poem?
(A) My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains / My sense
(B) Hail to thee, blithe spirit!
(C) Margaret, are you grieving / Over Goldengrove unleaving?
(D) The world is too much with us
Q2. 'Politics and the English language' is an essay by :
(A) F. R. Leavis
(B) Terry Eagleton
(C) Gorge Orwell
(D) Raymond Williams
Q3. 'The mind-forged manacles' is phrase from :
(A) London
(B) Eternity
(C) A poison Tree
(D) I asked a Thief
Q4. 'He is not fully recognized at home,he is not recognized at all abroad. Yet I firmly believe that the Poetical performance of ____ is, after that of Shakespeare and Milton, undoubtedly most considerable in our language.'
To whom does Matthew Arnold refer in the above statement?
(A) Edmund Spenser
(B) John Keats
(C) William Wordsworth
(D) S. T. Coleridge
Q5. The Globe Theatre opened in :
(A) 1585
(B) 1593
(C) 1599
(D) 1603
Q6. A classical influence on Ben Jonson's 'Volpone' is
(A) Juvenal
(B) Aristophanes
(C) Plautus
(D) Terence
Q7. Kipling's 'The White Man's Burden' is addressed to
(A) The American imperial mission in the Philippines
(B) The Belgian colonial expansion in the Congo
(C) The British Imperial presence in Nigeria
(D) The British colonial entry into Afghanistan
Q8. 'Poetry : A Magazine of Verse' was founded by Harriet Monroe in
(A) 1922
(B) 1920
(C) 1918
(D) 1912
Q9. Who among the following was Geoffrey Chaucer's contemporary?
(A) Thomas Chatterton
(B) John Gower
(C) Thomas Shadwell
(D) John Gay
Q10. Which of the following is NOT written by walter Scott?
(A) Ivanhoe
(B) Lady of the Lake
(C) Heart of Midlothian
(D) The English Mail Coach

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