English Literature Practice Test 04

Dear Student,

CGS Coaching is presenting brand new Practice Test for English Literature which includes 10 questions from Literature section.

Q1. Prosody studies :
(A) Line endings
(B) Meanings of words
(C) Patterns of prose
(D) Metrics
Q2. Which of the following is a major Jacobean play?
(A) Everyman
(B) Gorboduc
(C) Romeo and Juliet
(D) The Duchess of Malfi
Q3. 'Understanding Poetry' used to  be a classical textbook that encapsulates the principles of
(A) New Historicism
(B) New Aristotelianism
(C) New Criticism
(D) The New Left
Q4. What century is variously called 'The Age of Enlightenment, 'The Age of Sensibility', 'The Augustan Age' and 'The Age of Prose and Reason'?
(A) 16th century
(B) 17th century
(C) 18th century
(D) 19th century
Q5. What is common to the following poems?
Wordsworth's 'The Recluse'
Shelley's 'The Triumph of Life'
Byron's 'Don Juan'
(A) They are all elegies
(B) They are all unfinished poems
(C) They are all divided into cantons
(D) They are women-centered poems
Q6. Who among the following called the novel 'The Bright Book of Life'?
(a) D. H. Lawrence
(B) James Joyce
(C) Virginia Woolf
(D) Aldous Huxley
Q7. 'Ripeness is all' is a line from
(A) Hamlet
(B) King Lear
(C) Othello
(D) Macbeth
Q8. U. R. Ananthamurthy's 'Sanskara' was translated by
(A) Himself
(B) Girish Karnad
(C) H. S. Shivaprakash
(D) A. K. Ramanujan
Q9. Abel White is a character in :
(A) The Return of the Native
(B) The Mayor of Casterbridge
(C) Far from the Madding Crowd
(D) Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Q10. In which eclogue of 'The Shepheardes Calender' does Spenser praise Queen Elizabeth I?
(A) January
(B) April
(C) August
(D) November

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