English Grammar Practice Test 01

Dear Student,

CGS Coaching is presenting brand new Practice Test for English Language which includes 15 questions from Grammar and Vocabulary sections.

English Language

Q.1 – Choose the correct word for the blank : “Yes, you can park the car on ______ side of the road.”
A. Either
B. None
C. Both
D. Neither

Q.2 – Choose the correct meaning of the word ‘Beverage’
A. Something red
B. An alcoholic drink
C. Any drink
D. Soft drink

Q.3 – Choose one word for the words underlined : “When her dog died she cried very hard for half an hour.”
A. Howl
B. Screamed
C. Sobbed
D. Drowned

Q.4 – Kashmir is ______ between India and Pakistan
A. An apple of eye
B. An apple of discord
C. An apple to fight
D. A sour apple

Q.5 – The Solitary Reaper is a melancholy song. Here, the underlined word means-
A. Expressing joy
B. Expressing sadness
C. expressing humour
D. expressing anger

Q.6 – Choose the correct tense of the underlined verb phrase: Kavita said that she had been waiting for me for two hours when I arrived.
A. Simple past
B. Past perfect continuous
C. Past perfect
D. Present perfect continuous

Q.7 – Meaning of the word ‘prophecy’ is
A. Proverb
B. Old saying
C. Prediction
D. Saint

Q.8 – Choose the plural of the word given the bracket : Scientists are always studying the ______ (phenomenon) of nature.
A. Phenomenons
B. Phenomenones
C. Phenomenas
D. Phenomena

Q.9 – Choose the correct article. “Please help me clean my ___ apartment.
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article

Q.10 – Choose the correct preposition. “There is a bench _____ the lamp post.”
A. beside
B. over
C. along
D. through

Q.11 – Choose the correct indirect form. Ravi said, “Guests have taken their lunch.”
A. Ravi said that guests had taken their lunch.
B. Ravi said that guests have taken their lunch.
C. Ravi said that guests had to take their lunch.
D. Ravi said that guests are taking their lunch.

Q.12 – Choose the correctly punctuated sentence.
A. What a day.
B. What a day ?
C. What, a day ?
D. What a day !

Q.13 – The word ‘Oasis’ means
A. A garden full of flowers
B. A palace surrounded by trees.
C. A green patch in a desert.
D. A barren piece of land.

Q.14 – The phrase ‘to look into’ means
A. To examine
B. To search
C. To exercise
D. To take care of

Q.15 – Identify the type of sentence. “If you study, you will pass the exam.”
A. Optative Sentence
B. Imperative Sentence
C. Conditional Sentence
D. Assertive Sentence

Answer Key : 1 – A, 2 – C, 3 – C, 4 – B, 5 – B, 6 – B, 7 – C, 8 – D, 9 – D, 10 – A, 11 – A, 12 – D, 13 – C, 14 – A, 15 – C

For detailed discussion of the questions, click on the link : https://youtu.be/hHyN2vuzaYg

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